Porto Azzuro Boat Rental company in Vourvourou, Halkidiki, was founded in 2019 by Anestis Boudoulousis and Aneza Tsakona due to their great love for the sea and water sports.

Ship owners since 2005 and lovers of all kinds of maritime activities, they decided in 2019 to make their passion business and so the boat rental company Porto Azzuro was founded.

Vourvourou was chosen as company’s base due to the fact that is a unique place, not only for the security it offers and for the special natural beauty of the area, but also for the number of beaches offered by Diaporos, which is an island opposite Vourvourou.

The company’s vision is to highlight this special area in Halkidiki as a global tourist attraction and to offer as many marine activities as it possible to its visitors.  Its mission is to do this with respect for the environment and safety for bathers and customers, but also introducing every visitor to the secrets and beauties of the Greek Nature.