Blue Lagoon Beach

Diaporos Beach “Blue Water” or “Blue Lake” or “Blue Lagoon” is one of the most famous places in all over the area of Halkidiki.

In fact, it is a narrow passage between the islands Diaporos and Agios Isidoros. It has warm, shallow, blue-green waters and clear sandy bottom, composing an image of the Indian Ocean.

The beach is ideal for swimming, but also for diving or even spearfishing.

Myrsini Beach

Myrsini Beach or Hawaii Beach as the locals have called it, is a magical spot on the East side of the island Diaporos.

This Beach is considered one of the most exquisite in all over the area of Halkidiki. It has clear blue waters, white sand, white rocks and a variety of underwater rocks. Is suitable for both swimming and diving.

Vourvourou Beach

Vourvourou is a seaside village and also a very popular resort in the province of Sithonia, with 140 inhabitants (approx. 2001). It is a settlement of the Municipal Department of Agios Nikolaos in the homonymous  municipality of the prefecture of Halkidiki. The area was formerly owned by the residents of the neighboring village, Agios Nikolaos.

It produces oil, honey, tsipouro, wine and fish. The economy is based on tourism businesses. Its beaches (Vourvourou, Livari, Xifara, Karydi, Bara, Fava) and its natural beauties attract many visitors every year.

Vourvourou is located just ten kilometers from Agios Nikolaos on the peninsula of Sithonia and at first glance enriches your vision with various images and calms the visitors with its natural serenity

Karydi Beach

Karydi is one of the most enchanting and famous destinations in the area of Vourvourou.

It is an exotic beach with emerald warm waters, white sand, rocks and a pine grove very close to the shore.

In fact, the beach is located between two small capes and is thus protected from the frequent summer winds. The sea is usually placid even when its windy.