Carefully monitor all the information that will be provided to you before your trip, about the boat handling and the safety protocols. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

Be informed about the weather. You will be consulted from our staff on the places that are the best to visit depending on the weather.

Check out rescue and firefighting equipment. Wear life jackets on children and passengers who don’t know swimming.


Make sure that you have at least one fully charged mobile phone and one charging cable. You don’t have to worry about charger. Some of our boats are equipped with USB chargers.

Keep a safe distance from shores and bathers. If you need to approach a shore, reduce your speed to the minimum and lift the machine (“trim up”) if the water is shallow.

Before anyone dives into the water, the captain must make sure that the boat is firmly anchored and the engine is switched off.

Never cross the bow of a moving boat.