General Description

Poseidon Blue Water belongs to the category of Super Luxe Boats and is highly recommended for 2 families of 4 persons, as it has a capacity for up to 8 persons.

It is spacious and includes a very large 2-meters bed in the front side, suitable for sunbathing. In the back side it has driver’s and co-driver’s seats and also a three-seat sofa , that turns easy with one move into a leaving room with a table in the middle to enjoy your coffee and drink.

Guests: 1-8 Total Length: 5,10m Total Width: 2,17m
Power: 30/40HP Model: Poseidon Blue Water 170 Pricing: By Day
Certificate: CE Category: C Machine Type: Outboard
Captain Needed: No Sun Protection: Yes Radio/MP3: Yes
Unsinkable: Yes Sunbathing Area: Yes Swimming Stairs: Yes
Fridge: Yes Bed: Yes Fuel Included in Price: No